How to Play Sniffles Invasion

How to Play Sniffles Invasion

     The Sniffles invaded! We need to help Tissue to eliminate the Sniffles before they take over. It takes three levels to do so: Sick Day, Congestion, and Kleenex. In this game it shows you what to do when you have the Sniffles.

   On Level One, the Sniffles are hiding. You need to detect them, and destroy them. The course is a maze. There are fallacious turns and Sniffles everywhere. You have a trammel time to destroy the Sniffles and reach the gold block. When you’re near the gold block, there are a monumental
number of Sniffles there. You need to be patient and destroy them one by one. Once you destroyed all the Sniffles you are granted passage to the gold block, and Level One would be completed, and Sick Day is no more.

     On Level Two, the number of Sniffles is duplicated. You need to disembarrass them in a really infinitesimal amount of time. Using your gun you need to remove them out of his way. But hurry! There is a tight space and is hard to move. The Sniffles made it Congested. When you finally make it through there is a surprise. There are damage blocks and Sniffles everywhere. However, you need to extinguish the reinforcements; Ending, Level Two, Congested.

     On Level Three, this is the last level and the hardest one yet. You have to take your time and dodge and destroy the Sniffle Shooters. However, they are everywhere and you only have a limited amount of time. When the Shooters are destroyed, you realize there are tons! You need to move fast to destroy them all in the time limit. When you reach the Boss Sniffle you are surrounded. Damage blocks are all over. Finally, when you eliminate the Boss and all his Sniffle Bots, you end Level Three, Kleenex.

     In the end, you exterminated all the Sniffles. No more Sick Days, Congestion, and no need for anymore Kleenex. Tissue (Your Avatar) was just starting to relax in his condo, when the Sniffles invaded. They penetrated for the Second time. However, Tissue was unprepared, and they apprehended him. But, Tissue is a super hero. And Super Heroes always win, Right?

The Adventures of The Generator

 All of you May wonder who I am, and how I came to be. Well, my super name is The Generator. This living was not my choice; ever since I was 12 I had in-human capabilities. All I wanted was to live a normal life, like a regular kid. Everything was taken out of my reach the day the meteor hit, me to be exact. I was walking my zebra, yeah normal was kind of already out of the question, I mean really, I own a zebra for crying out loud! I saw something in the sky, it was a beautiful sight, the rays of the falling object were un-worldly! I went onto my favorite spot on the roof, and last thing I remembered was this huge, sharp, pain all throughout my entire body. The next day I was in the hospital, having a coma. I remember getting mad at the situation and I took it out on the nurse, she ended up unconscious. That was the early weeks when I didn’t know what I was capable of. I knew my powers were meant for evil, but I didn’t want to be a monster. I decided to somehow use my powers for the good in life. Helping others is what I use to keep me strong. I can fly great distances and jump great heights. I couldn’t go to school, so I go to the school for people like me, heroes. I can take all of the electricity out of an area and use it for super strength. Then I could easily take anyone who threatens me down. I could help anyone who needed my help and not be evil. Yes, I still have trouble not taking my temper out on my powers, but not wanting to be evil counter attacks that trouble. Many people wish upon stars, or pray for super powers, but, I don’t recommend this lifestyle at all. What people would give to be me, and if it were possible I would probably take the deal. I was tired of everyone looking at me weird so I decided to hide my identity. I moved to Venice,Italyand started over. I still have a zebra, but I’m not going to ditch Kevin he’s my best friend, yes, I know it weird, and that most people own dogs, but, I am abnormal. AtVenicei became rich of my zebra milk, yes my zebra’s abnormal too. It has utters like a cow, but looks like a Zebra, weird right? Kevin and I lived alone in a gigantic mansion. However, we are rarely there.Veniceis full of crime and villains! I was admired by all, and have a statue there in my honor. They worship me, against my will. Then one sad day Kevin left me. The odd thing is that he left me for a lady camel! But now I own a turtle named Steve. He can never leave me; he’s too slow and won’t make it to the door in time. The thing is that i’m not normal and i’m going to have to deal with it.

SSR Project Plot Analysis


Picture of the novel’s cover

Book Title: Where Nina Lies

Book Author: Lynn Weingarten

Number of pages: 316

Plot Analysis: Nina goes missing and it took Ellie two years to gather up the courage to go find her. She found a picture drawn by Nina, which leads her to the Mothership, a big party. There she meets Sean, who offers to help her, but for the wrong reasons, which Ellie is oblivious to. They went toNebraskaand found another drawing of Nina’s on the mirror, of a boy. Then it leads them to Bijoux, a tattoo parlor where Nina worked. There was a picture of her with a band. Ellie and Sean head out to find the band at a concert. They told them that they dropped her of at a house. She wasn’t there. Ellie and Sean stopped at a hotel were she figures out Sean killed his own brother because he was in love with Nina, but now wants to kill Nina. Ellie tricked him into thinking she would help him. Ellie figures out where she is, she went as far as the road can take her,California. They found Nina, and when Sean holds a gun up to her, Ellie tackles him and puts him into jail. Nina is re-united with her family, and everything is well again.

 Setting- First at Ellie’s house, then on the road toNebraska,Denver, andCalifornia. “I realize as I walk into my room, that this is the first time a guy has ever been up here.”(Page 73) Also, “I said I’m Going toNebraska!” (Page 94) Then, “Denver, why would you be inDenver?” (Page 123)  Finally “I still need to go toSan Francisco.” (Page 271).

Characters- Ellie is the protagonist, and Sean is the antagonist. Ellie is the protagonist because she is telling the story with her thoughts, and from her point of view. “My brain is overflowing with questions” and, “Like my hand is very precious,” (page 45). Sean is the antagonist because he wants to kill her against Ellie’s wishes. “Are you talking about killing me?”(Page 268)

Conflict- The conflict in the story is that Ellie’s sister is missing. “Two years ago in the afternoon of June 24, Nina Melissa Wrigley disappeared.” (Page 19)

Climax- Sean tells Ellie that she’s dead, but she’s not and he is trying to kill her. Ellie has to make a decision to help her sister or help the man she loved. This is the conflict because that’s when the problem can not get any worse. “I stare at the gun.” (Page 268)

Resolution- Ellie tricks Sean to think she will help him find and kill Nina, but getting him arrested instead. “LEAVE MY SISTER ALONE!” (Page 288)

SSR Project: The Main Character


Picture of the Novel’s Cover 

Book Title: Where Nina Lies

Book Author: Lynn Weingarten

Number of pages: 316

Protagonist: Ellie

Ellie Wrigley is an average height because in the book, on page 12, it says, “I’m not tall, but I’m not short.” She has brown wavy, long hair, that in the book, also on page 12, she comments on her hair that, “I have curly hair that reaches to the middle of my back that get blonder in the summer.” She has green eyes that she says are, “Big and green.”  She is average weight, it says in the book   “I’m on the thin side, but I’m definitely not skinny.”  She has a round nose which she says, “My nose is kind of round. Also, she says “I have one dimple.” she also says her smile looks crooked. However, other than some quirks, she’s very pretty.

Adjective #1: Distressed

Page 16: “For three nights after Nina vanished, I didn’t sleep.” She was distressed about her sister being missing.

Page 17: “The adrenalized high of hope, the crush of losing it, over and over thirty times a night.” She got her hopes up just for her to end up sad and distressed

Adjective # 2: Blissful

Page 290: “We run into each other, Nina and I, crash into a tight hug,” They were so blissful to see each other again.

Page 310: “They’re hugging and crying and laughing” They were all so happy and blissful.

Adjective #3: Disgust

Page 264: “He had a look of horror on his face” He was disgusted at his brother for the choice he made.

Page 267: “You look disgusted.” She was disgusted at what Sean had done to his brother.


This mourning I woke up in a jail cell, and I don’t remember anything from last night!  I felt around in my pocket and I found 5 items: bacon, nail polish, a voice recorder, a locket of hair, and a note.

As I think, the night starts coming back to me. This mourning I went to IHOP for some breakfast, I was so full so I stuffed the bacon in my pocket. I saw some of my friends outside waving and I walked outside to see what they wanted. They invited me to come to their ‘awesome’ party at 6:00.

I agreed, but couldn’t decide if I was actually going to go or not. They said to where nail polish that is glow in the dark. I walked home grabbed my nail polish and went out to buy me a new outfit. On the way to the mall I looked behind me and saw someone in a black suit was following me. I turned down a unknown hall, which unfortunately led to the mall roof.

He also followed me and said “I have a task I need you to do.” I replied, “Why me?” “You probably could have picked a better person to do what ever you need!!” He looked taken-back, “But I need you to go to that party, and there is another guy in black waiting to give you the other details.” Then without warning he jumped off the roof!

So many questions were squirming in my head. But one thing for sure, I need to go to that party. If this task is so important that he had to jump off a roof I’ll finish it. I painted my nails, did my hair, and bought a new outfit, and headed out.

As I was told another guy was waiting for me at the front door. Even from out here the music was blaring. He gave me a recorder, and disappeared and I walked in. Something wasn’t right, All my friends were missing.

I pushed play on the recorder. It said:

Do you see the guy in Red? You need to grab the lock of hair out of his pocket. It’s DNA of his murdered victim. Then you need to go this address: 177 parkway Dr. there you will find your friend that had a note for you. Read it. 

I did what it said, pick-pocketed the guy, and drove to the address. Alison gave me a note that a guy gave to her and it read:

Turn This DNA in to the police and say that Gilbert sent you. Good luck.

I did what it said and once the gut heard me say Gilbert he put me behind bars.

I heard a guard coming. I said, “Who is Gilbert?” The guard said “A mass murderer. We’ve been trying to catch him for ages.”

I explained to him what happened, took a lie detector test, and was free to go. However, I will never trust a man in black again…

My Digital Footprint

When I type my name in the internet, nothing comes up. Nothing at all. This is probably because I don’t have a facebook, or anything that involves my personal info. but that’s smart. However, I typed in my brother’s name and a football schedual comes up, probably because he is a football player. My mom has a facebook so that came up when I typed in her name. So my family is known but I’m not that popular on the web. That is insulting!  So this means I need to make more of a digital footprint.

Now I typed my name in without where I live and I found out some pretty interesting stuff. I found out that one of the people with my name is a senior vice pres. at a finance company. Also, another one of me is a senior enviormentalist in collage in Main.  Finally, I’m a opera singer, and vocal coach. I could have lived better, but I have a pretty rockin life, And I feel great about that.

My Top 5

My Top Wants. What I want, or want to do while I’m still young enough to do them.

1) I Want to ride an elephant.

I want this because it sounds cool. Also I want to name it Peanuts. It has always been one of my dreams to ride an elephant.

2) I Want a purple Zebra… really bad.

This is also on my Bucket List. My favorite animal is a Zebra, and my favorite color is purple. I don’t are how I get it, but I want one.

3) I Want to go to a major shopping spree in Paris.

I love shopping. Also and I love Paris. So I’m going to take one of my friends to Paris. 

4) I Want to move out of my moms house. 

Well I would do that when I’m 18, and I’m not a big fan of my brothers. So I’m not going to stay with my mom forever. I’ts just creepy, but I want to ride an elephant more.

5) I Want to climb a mountain. 

I want to climb a mountain because it would be a great experience. But I can’t do that when I’m 40 or above. However, that might not happen.


My Bucket List

I have many years before I pass away, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t have a bucket list. This is what I want to do before I ‘kick the bucket’.

First, I want to go to Hawaii with my grandparents before they pass away. My grandparents love to travel, they traveled to may places before, another reason that I want to go to Hawaii is that the island look gorgeous!

Second, I want to sneak into a zoo when it’s closed taking caution to security cameras, and paint a zebra purple. However, I would use food coloring and a towel instead of spray paint. I want to do this because my favorite color is purple, and my favorite animal is a zebra.


Before I die I also want to meet a celebrity. Like, Alex Pettyfer,  Matt Damon, or Ryan Reynolds. That would be so cool.


Next, I would like to go to Hood College before I die. I want to become a special education and birth effects teacher. I also want to have a successful career.


I would also like to get the car of my dreams before I ‘kick the bucket’. I’ve always been interested in sports cars, so I want to get a Chevy Camaro.


The next thing on my Bucket list is to get married in Fiji. The Fiji islands are so pretty. And having a wedding there would be magical.

-one of the many Fiji islands


The 7th thing that I wanna do before I die is to become rich. And I would own a mansion with servants. And also have a room on-top of water.


I also want to design my own line of clothes. I would have a runway, with models and music, and lights. That would be a dream come true.

And before I die, I want to write a move. I would also love to direct it and maybe have a small part in it. That would be such a great experience.

And finally, I would love to be in a Broadway musical. Although I don’t want a lead role, I want to have the memory of being a part of it. However, I would want to do it with one of my close friends.

That’s what I want to do before I ‘Kick the Bucket’.